The world is still conscious of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, and the hospitality industry is being one of the most affected sectors due to forced closures and social distancing measures.

An Established Yet Transformed Market

The reality is not easy for anyone. When specialization marks our business’s core business, the impossibility of getting away from it so as not to lose identity complicates the situation even more. However, specialty coffee shops have adapted to the new situation and, in many cases, are increasing their business thanks to new consumption habits. Over the years, roasters, baristas, and consumers in this country have championed numerous trends. They have often positioned themselves at the forefront of specialty coffee innovation, both in terms of techniques, preparations, equipment, and appliances as in design, setting, and consumption in this segment of high-quality coffees. Specialty coffee is already an established market. It may even emerge stronger from this situation thanks to certain changes that are already taking shape, which can undoubtedly result in inspiration for many.