During the pandemic, take-away service to use or with prior order has increased in coffee shops, incorporating ingenious solutions to ensure the best service. Such is the case of the “drive-through” or “walk-up” systems that allow customers to place their coffee order from outside the cafeterias, through a microphone that connects to the barista’s headphones, who receives the order, prepares it, and serves the customer without having to get out of the car, in the case of drive-through or enter the establishment when we refer to the walk-up and has walked to the establishment. This, say the employers who have put it into practice, is not only a great time saver for their staff, It also reduces wait time for customers and creates a more secure collection environment for everyone. Of course, they agree that the great challenge is to continue ensuring the consumption experience so closely linked to specialty coffee and whose weight, in these new circumstances, falls entirely on the product and the service.