Author: Amber Cox

Coffee Trends & Seasonal Coffee

Coffee trends come and go. Some trends stick around, and stand the test of time (god bless the soul who brought coffee shop syrups into the world) and some fade away, soon to be forgotten (anyone remember the mushroom coffee trend? Nope I’m not admitting to that one either.)

One of the greatest coffee trends of our time has to be seasonal coffee. Perhaps even the number one greatest coffee trend of our generation. Seasonal coffee gives us a break from the norm, a little extra boost and spring in our step as we race to sample the new seasonal menu and treats.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of seasonal coffee then please make yourself comfortable, and let me explain my personal coffee passion.

At different times of the year our favourite baristas will treat us to a break from the mundane, and produce a special, usually limited time menu. Not in place of the usual menu, but in addition to. This means that the less adventurous among us can stick to the usual go-to order, whilst the thrill seekers can experiment with some seasonal flavours.

The standard seasonal coffee trends are:

  • Spring season coffee trends. Spring brings St Patricks day and the delightful Irish cream coffee. Also fresh and bold flavours make a temporary appearance such as rosewater infused latte and lavender expresso,
  • Summer season coffee trends. As the temperature rises I still need my caffeine fix but I also need to keep my cool. This is why I am eternally grateful for the to mix your bitcoin selection of special flavoured iced coffees that appear during the Summer months. Particularly those with tropical vibes such as coconut coffee.
  • Fall season coffee trends. As the weather turns cooler and we start the run up to Halloween I always see fall coffee menus with warm and soothing flavours such as pumpkin spiced latte or Maple coffee.
  • Winter and Christmas coffee trends. The winter months bring indulgent and powerful flavours and of course an extra special Christmas coffee menu. Christmas coffee is without a single shred of doubt my personal favourite. Not only is Christmas the most wonderful time of the year, but the run up to the festive period brings the most wonderful coffee trends.

Christmas Coffee

There are so many Christmas coffee favourites its hard to know where to start. From the classic and nostalgic eggnog coffee to the new and bold Brazilian spice blend coffee. Not forgetting my personal all time favourites; gingerbread coffee and sugar cookie coffee. Both sweet, rich and indulgent and both guaranteed to make me feel warm, festive and full of that all important Christmas cheer.

Its not just the sweet and smooth velvet taste of Christmas coffee, the smell is just as important too. Those rich scents always stirs happy Christmas memories. I cannot wait for this years Christmas coffee menu. I intend to start, and finish, every single Christmas shopping trip with a seasonal coffee and maybe a festive cupcake too.

Coffee By Subscription

Both these new systems and online sales or home delivery have increased the average value of specialty coffee sales tickets by 25% in recent months. It is estimated that this growth is approximately slightly more than $ 2 per order, from $ 8.41 to $ 10.50, and the reason, they point out, must be sought in various circumstances. Normally when an order is made at home, drinks are included for more than one consumer, and other complementary products accompany the tasting. In addition, the fact of spending more time at home has also favoured consumers wanting to replicate at home the cup that they usually drink in specialised hospitality establishments, and also want to use the numerous coffee equipment that is already available today of all; this has led to an increase in orders for coffee beans on-line and has given a solid boost for coffee subscription systems, which have also grown significantly including coffee machines commercial in the workplace.

Drive-Through And Walk-Up, Coffee Without Order At The Bar

During the pandemic, take-away service to use or with prior order has increased in coffee shops, incorporating ingenious solutions to ensure the best service. Such is the case of the “drive-through” or “walk-up” systems that allow customers to place their coffee order from outside the cafeterias, through a microphone that connects to the barista’s headphones, who receives the order, prepares it, and serves the customer without having to get out of the car, in the case of drive-through or enter the establishment when we refer to the walk-up and has walked to the establishment. This, say the employers who have put it into practice, is not only a great time saver for their staff, It also reduces wait time for customers and creates a more secure collection environment for everyone. Of course, they agree that the great challenge is to continue ensuring the consumption experience so closely linked to specialty coffee and whose weight, in these new circumstances, falls entirely on the product and the service.

A New Reality That Will Transform The Sector

To avoid the concentration of customers inside their premises, many establishments have moved their natural sales space at the street level, at the cafeteria’s door. They have also incorporated home delivery in their letter of services. And those who still did not sell online have launched their e-commerce. The smaller roasters and cafeterias, experts agree, tend to adapt faster to changes. In many cases, far from disappearing once the virus vaccine is found and the situation normalized, they could have come to stay

Specialty Coffee In Times Of Covid-19

The world is still conscious of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, and the hospitality industry is being one of the most affected sectors due to forced closures and social distancing measures.

An Established Yet Transformed Market

The reality is not easy for anyone. When specialization marks our business’s core business, the impossibility of getting away from it so as not to lose identity complicates the situation even more. However, specialty coffee shops have adapted to the new situation and, in many cases, are increasing their business thanks to new consumption habits. Over the years, roasters, baristas, and consumers in this country have championed numerous trends. They have often positioned themselves at the forefront of specialty coffee innovation, both in terms of techniques, preparations, equipment, and appliances as in design, setting, and consumption in this segment of high-quality coffees. Specialty coffee is already an established market. It may even emerge stronger from this situation thanks to certain changes that are already taking shape, which can undoubtedly result in inspiration for many.